How to Get to the Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas

How do you get from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Skywalk? Let us count the ways! One, two. There, that was easy! Well, not so fast… Choosing which way to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk may be the hard part, but after all’s said and done, we’re confident that you’ll agree there’s no such thing as the ‘wrong’ way to go.

Going to the Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas boils down to two methods:

Drive yourself
Take a tour

Since method #1 (self-drive) is the most straightforward, let’s get right to it!
From Las Vegas, head Southeast on I-515 toward Henderson and Boulder City, NV. This will eventually turn into US-93. You can proceed directly over the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, or stop at Hoover Dam. A 30-minute detour to this man-made wonder will give you a greater appreciation for just how monumental an accomplishment this structure was, especially considering the time in which it was built.

Continuing down US-93 for another 40 miles, you’ll come to a turn-off for the Pearce Ferry/Dolan Springs Road. Turn left (East) on this road and continue driving for another 30 miles or so. This will bring you to the entrance of Grand Canyon West Hualapai Indian Tribal Park, and site of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Upon entry to the Tribal Park, you’ll then be briefed on your choice of activities in addition to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, such as helicopter tours to the canyon floor (with or without a pontoon boat ride), horseback rides, a meal of your choice, and a walk-through of an outdoor museum featuring replicas of the traditional dwellings of several Native American tribes who call Arizona home. All Grand Canyon West tour packages include tickets to the hop-on, hop-off shuttle around the tribal park.

Total drive time one-way (going direct): 2.5 hours
GPS coordinates for Grand Canyon West are: 35°59’15.7″N 113°49’14.1″W

Method #2: Take a Las Vegas Grand Canyon Skywalk tour

Ground tours: Options abound for guided land-based tours to the Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas. With offerings from private limousines to 40-passenger motorcoaches and just about everything in between, the best choice for your traveling party will probably be determined by budget. Whichever you choose, be sure you set aside a full day to enjoy a Las Vegas Grand Canyon West tour. Typical tour time ranges from 10-12 hours hotel to hotel, and can vary due to weather, traffic and other factors. Don’t schedule a show, dinner reservations or anything time-sensitive for the evening directly following your tour just in case you’re late getting back. Show tickets especially may be non-refundable. Hotel pickups and dropoffs are included in the price of most Las Vegas Grand Canyon Skywalk ground tours.

Airplane tours: Fixed-wing airplanes depart several times daily (weather permitting) to the Grand Canyon Skywalk from several airports in the Las Vegas metro area. Typically lasting 6-8 hours from hotel to hotel, Las Vegas Grand Canyon West air tours can be your bare-bones “see the Skywalk, have lunch, get back to the slot machines” affair, or can be upgraded to include “the works,” namely a helicopter flight to the canyon floor and a 20-minute smooth water pontoon boat ride on the legendary Colorado River! Tour prices include pick-up and drop-off at most hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and the Downtown/Fremont Street area.

Helicopter tours: Want to go to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and go first-class all the way? Take a helicopter! Offering the most expedient touring option, Las Vegas Grand Canyon Skywalk helicopter tours can be as simple as a quick flyover, or you can land at Grand Canyon West and take in everything it has to offer, including the Grand Canyon Skywalk, helicopter flight to the canyon floor, and the pontoon boat ride. Las Vegas Grand Canyon West helicopters vary in duration from 3 to 7 hours hotel to hotel and prices include hotel transfers.

If you choose to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk with a package tour, be sure that you receive confirmation from the tour company with specific details on where and when to meet your hotel shuttle, what to bring and wear, and instructions for reconfirming.

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