Las Vegas 1-Day Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip

OK, Canyon Skywalkers, it’s time for a Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Pop Quiz:

True or False: You have to carve at least a week out of your life to take a Grand Canyon White Water Raft Trip.

True or False: A Grand Canyon White Water Raft Trip is way too dangerous for my kids!

True or False: The rapids of the Grand Canyon are super-technical; you need a crazy amount of prior white water rafting experience before an outfitter will even take your money.  

Answers? All false! If you have one day to spare, and your kids are at least 8 years of age, you can enjoy Grand Canyon White Water Rafting, and what’s more? You can do it from right here in Las Vegas and no experience is necessary!

Experience the thrill of Grand Canyon White Water Rafting in just one incredible day when you join Hualapai River Runners for this mind-blowing adventure. Beginning with an early morning pickup at select Las Vegas hotels, you’ll head South over the soaring O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge and grab a quick bite to eat Kingman Arizona.

Departing Kingman, you’ll travel down one of the last intact segments of the world-famous Route 66, to the Hualapai Reservation town of Peach Springs, Arizona, and descend into the Grand Canyon via the Diamond Creek Road. Cacti, ocotillo, sage and other desert flora adorn the canyon floor along this, the sole road that goes all the way to the bottom of the canyon. A wild burro or two might even pay you a visit, and pose for a photo for the price of a carrot!

On the banks of the Colorado River, your Hualapai Indian river guide will conduct a short safety briefing, and provide assistance with life vests and rain gear before boarding your pontoon raft. Then, get ready for a wet, wild ride! Averaging Class II and III, the rapids on this stretch of the Colorado River are considered “moderate” on the I to IV rating system, making this an exhilarating but safe introduction to Grand Canyon white water rafting that children as young as 8 can enjoy.

After breaking for lunch on the riverside, those inclined are welcome to take part in a short hike and ladder-assisted climb into a secluded cave, where a picturesque waterfall refreshes you with a shower of cool spring water. You’ll shoot through six sets of rated rapids before the river flattens out for a serene, relaxing finish to this most eventful day. A plaque marks historic Separation Canyon, where three members of John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Colorado River expedition decided they’d had enough and hiked out of the canyon, never to be seen or heard from again.

At Quartermaster Canyon, you’ll disembark from the river, where a brief helicopter airlift will transport you back to the canyon rim. You’ll then re-board your tour vehicle and head back to Las Vegas and your hotel. Trip duration: 14-16 * hours

Price includes:

  • Hotel transfers and round-trip transportation from Las Vegas, Nevada,
  • Grand Canyon West Park entrance fee,
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks ,
  • Helicopter airlift* from river to rim,
  • Life vests  

Items not included:

  • Rain gear,
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.),
  • Towel,
  • Change of dry clothes,
  • Waterproof camera

*Helicopter airlift is contingent on favorable weather conditions. In the event of strong winds, inclement weather or other factors, passengers will continue by boat to an exit point on Lake Mead before returning to Las Vegas. This extends trip time by 2 hours. No refunds are offered in the event of airlift cancellation. 

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